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April 22, 2017

REFERENDUM ON A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE NOW: The dialog and the referendum on a universal language has highest priority! Questions without answer! Which universal language should EU citizens choose? A: Chinese? B: Spanish? C: English? Referendum on a single universal language already now in every previous EU country! When will we abolish nationalism? The holy symbol of the nationalism is the national language! Why do not we philosophise? One billion dies of starvation, who will defend these? Theory, ideology, exercises, digital dialogue and digital referendums in school? Why do not we abolish party politics? Why do not we abolish the king (the president)? What does “The rule of e-law” mean? Is DDD Direct Digital Democracy too important to remain taboo? It is our cosmopolitan duty, to require constitutions with referendums by ceasing voting for politicians. Δημοψήφισμα! Public TV should right away have a standard recurring TV broadcast to follow DDD and Universal Language! Which country with a referendum will be the first to be liberated from nationalism? Grateful for an answer! Fred.blomson@gmail,com altruistic philosopher



LANGUAGE POLICY: The world needs to unite with a universal language, to abolish nationalism and to be a single nation with DDD Digital Direct Democracy and common civilisation. DDD is too important to be taboo! The ruling market forces and the wealthy paid and privileged occupational politicians do not like citizens’ direct democracy. The world will be governed by laws founded by the citizens themselves “The rule of e-law”, IT makes it possible today! Speaking of rights and not about constitutions is political diplomatic fraud. The word “right” in all the languages is an adjective that is not aimed at anything concrete. The poor need laws, not the “rights” of diplomatic nonsense. fred.blomson@gmail,com altruistic philosopher

S V E N S K A                                                                                                                     SPRÅKPOLITIK: Världen behöver enas med ett universalt språk, att avskaffa nationalismen och att vara en enda nation med DDD Digital Direkt Demokrati och gemensam civilisation. DDD är för viktig för att vara tabu! De härskande marknadskrafterna och de väll avlönade och privilegierade yrkespolitikerna gillar inte medborgarnas direkt demokrati. Världen skall styras med grundlagar stiftade av medborgarna själva “The rule of e-law”, IT gör det möjligt idag! Att tala om rättigheter och inte om grundlagar är politiskt diplomatiskt bedrägeri. Ordet “rättighet” i alla språk, är ett adjektiv som inte syftar till något konkret. De fattiga behöver lagar, inte diplomatiska nonsens rättigheter. fred.blomson@gmail,com altruistic philosopher

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